News of the shootings at First Baptist Church Sutherland Springs reverberated across America and much of the world. If you want to help support First Baptist Church Sutherland Springs visit our "GIVE" page for more information.

Don’t Miss God’s Celebration!

Scripture: Luke 15:11-32 It was the night before I joined a team from Trinity to go on an overseas trip to our mission partners in Ghana. Though I was packing for this two week trip, my eyes were glued to the television to cheer on the Spurs against the Miami Heat in the NBA Finals. […]

“These Violent Delights Have Violent Ends”

Scripture: Matthew 2:1-12 The Herodians were a powerful and controversial leading family in the region of Judea before and during the time of Jesus the Messiah. Had they been around during the 21st century they would have been the stuff of tabloids, reality tv, and social media gossip. This first family of the Jewish people […]

Helping Children Deal with World Events

Helping Children Deal with World Events The world can be a scary place. In the last few weeks the news has consistently been unsettling. We have heard and seen reports on terrorist attacks, racial tensions, political uprisings and natural disasters. These are overwhelming for me, but even more so for children. Our natural desire as […]

Evangelism at Work: Youth Ministry Grows

Evangelism at Work: Youth Ministry Grows The population of our Student Ministry has more than doubled in the past year and it is safe to say that this growth is attributed to the intentionality and evangelism of our students. Our goal in the Student Ministry is to cultivate the spiritual development of our current students […]

Twenty Years in Ministry

Twenty Years in Ministry “Are leaders born or are they made?” This one of the first questions I ask my students in the leadership classes I teach at Baptist University of Americas. After much discussion we try to come up with an answer. The answer usually lies some where in the middle. Many people are […]

Music Ministry Update

Music Ministry Update The Music and Worship Ministry is off to a busy start and I’m excited to share some very exciting news! We have recently hired Dean Zarmbinski as our new Instrumental Music Associate/Administrative Assistant. Dean’s primary responsibilities will be in the administrative assistant role, which has been fulfilled by volunteer, Mary Hamilton, for […]

Growing Ministry

Growing Ministry The Student Ministry here at Trinity Baptist Church has had the most amazing and glory-filled summer! God has moved and is continuing to move now. We started the summer with a leadership camp, Super Summer, in which twenty of our student leaders learned and grew in the word, taking part of 29 hours […]

Small Words with Great Power

We have heard the nursery rhyme from early childhood: “Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never harm me.” As well-meaning as this sounds, this brave statement is simply untrue. Yes, sticks and stones can break bones; and the wrong word at the wrong time can break the soul. But then, words […]

Anguish & Hope

Anguish & Hope Like you I have family and friends who live in the 150 mile stretch from Corpus Christi to Houston. The impact of Hurricane Harvey touches all of us. Devastation!  The wind & rain has and is causing immense damage. As our hearts are filled with anguish, we also feel the rising tide of […]

Trinity Small Groups Connect You To Life-Giving Community

Trinity Small Groups Connect You To Life-Giving Community When you choose to participate in a Small Group you have the opportunity to make new friends and deepen your relationship with Christ. Whether you are a guest, a new member, or you have been here a long time, being part of a small group is a […]