Seeing Sin In Ourselves and In Society

Scripture: Ezekiel 24:1-13 Seeing Sin In Ourselves and In Society What is the last thing that really set off your anger? I find myself enraged at someone else’s bad or inappropriate behavior pretty regularly these days. Something is just in the air and social media seems to be intensifying it. I try to ask myself, […]

Making Plans!

It’s now been a month since I have been full-time in San Antonio and I can say that I’m thankful to finally feel at home, which has been accompanied by a growing sense of productivity. Things in the Music Ministry tend to slow down a bit during the summer months and so I’m taking full […]

A Father’s Touch to Heal

When we are together -in our summer dresses, shorts, and short sleeve shirts – I sometimes ask friends to tell the story of a scar they bear. We all have at least one scar and a story of what happened that caused the scar. And through these stories we better know each other. Our scar […]

What Do You Do On The Worst Day Of Your Life?

Maybe it was (or will be) a sudden death, bleak diagnosis, messy divorce, economic deprivation, institutional deception, spiritual desolation, or painful desertion which occurs to you or those you love. Many things might initiate this challenging season in your life. What do you do on the worst day of your life? Cliche answers immediately spring […]

God’s Spirit Calls for Faithfulness in Unfaithful Times

What do you think of when you think of a prophet? You might imagine someone whose eyes are in a trance uttering cryptic riddles related to future events. Maybe, you think of the Old Testament prophetic books pointing to the coming of Jesus the Messiah. Perhaps, you think of someone who shares with others personalized […]

Seasons of Life

I almost did not write a final Trumpet article because I do not like things to end, but my time here at Trinity has come to an end. I had not planned it this way. It was our intention to stay for the long haul here in San Antonio with Trinity but it seems that […]

Music & Worship Arts

By now you are probably asking where your Minister of Music and Worship Arts (and his wife) was for the month of May and that would be a fair question. Well, getting married, moving all our earthly possessions to San Antonio, and going on our honeymoon to Scotland took up a bit of our time! […]

“When Boys Became Men”

Good-Growth is God’s built in plan for all of us, and all of His Creation. The 1936 Olympics were held in Berlin. Hitler saw it as the ultimate global propaganda opportunity for his third Reich. Global domination was on his mind. Evil was in his heart. Whenever “his” athletes won he felt his rationale for […]

Trinity’s 4th Campus:

The roads the Romans built over two-thousand years ago enabled the news of Christ’s teachings to spread across the known world. Today the internet lets us spread the gospel in much the same way. Faith Collective is an interactive video-enhanced online resource for individuals to connect and grow in their relationship with Christ and with […]


This past April 16, was Easter Sunday, a true celebration of the eternal Gift. We live with the Holy Spirit in us, those words are a true understatement to the power of God in this time. Thinking about the story of the Gospel I took a longer look at Matthew chapter 26. I am reminded […]