King Me by Christopher Mack

Scripture: Deuteronomy 17:14-20 King Me by Christopher Mack As a young kid who dabbled in checkers, I relished in getting to say to my opponent “King me.” It was the moment a predictable foot soldier became a powerful king. It could tilt the tide of a game dramatically. And though I was unaware of it, […]

Illustrations of God’s Work by Pastor Les

Illustrations of God’s Work Third grader Jackson Shelnutt draws my sermons. As I preached on Mother’s Day, he made this drawing. I tell him that he makes my sermons better than they actually are. Jackson was baptized during our Sanctuary service on May 27. On June 3, a young woman, graduate from Stanford & UT […]

Redemptive Body Image by Christopher Mack

Scripture: Romans 8:1-17 Redemptive Body Image Many of us carry lots of insecurity, anxiety, shame, and resentment about our bodies. We are inundated with messages from the corporate prophets of advertising reminding us of our need to be physically other than we currently are in order to be more attractive and thus happy. We also […]

Obedience is Better Than Sacrifice

I Samuel 15, Obedience is Better Than Sacrifice Friends, How do we as Christians understand passages in the Old Testament ( the Old Covenant) that seemingly contradict what we have learned from the New Testament – our New Covenant with God? Some form of this question or issue is bound to be asked this Sunday […]

A Rash Decision and Stinging Rebuke

A Rash Decision and Stinging Rebuke I Samuel 13, A Rash Decision and a Stinging Rebuke Friends, The “Teaching Aim” for this Sundays lesson is “To encourage adults to place their full trust in God to avoid panic and foolish decisions.”  It is a tall order but it is also a very relevant lesson for our […]

Common Good Spirituality by Christopher Mack

Scripture: 1 Corinthians 12:1-12 Common Good Spirituality I entered into the Christian faith at age thirteen. My parents joked that becoming a devout Christian was my form of “teenage rebellion.” They attended church sparingly. I jumped into my new faith with all the zeal and enthusiasm you might expect from an adolescent. My closet filled […]

With Great Power…by Christopher Mack

Scripture: Acts 13:1-3, 13-14, 44-52 With Great Power… “With great power comes great responsibility” The Spider-Man film franchise engrained this onto my psyche. We aren’t given powers and gifts to make much of ourselves. Our power and privilege is to be used to invite others into justice and to have a seat at the table. […]

BaptistWay Lesson 12, April 8, 2018 by Vicki Hollon

BaptistWay Lesson 12, April 8, 2018 Luke 23, “Tried and Crucified” Friends, Below the Grants have contributed some excellent material on the significance of the CROSS that I can imagine you would find helpful for this Sunday’s lesson.   I also agree with them that authors of the Guides provide plenty of detail on the crucifixion.  […]

Possessed By Our Possessions by Christopher Mack

Scripture: Acts 2:44-45; 4:32-37 Possessed By Our Possessions A good friend from Waco, Texas introduced me to the concept of Retail Therapy or as he likes to call it, “Buying a lil happy.” It changed the way I viewed shopping. Whether walking the aisles at HEB, surfing the webpages of, or viewing ubiquitous advertising, […]

Art’s Impact by Debbie Potter

Art’s Impact I am on my way to Oxford, England to make a presentation at a religious studies symposium about the impact the art work in the children’s building has had on the children at Trinity Baptist Church. As I have toured some of the incredible cathedrals in Europe, I am reminded of the impact […]