Trinity’s 4th Campus:

The roads the Romans built over two-thousand years ago enabled the news of Christ’s teachings to spread across the known world. Today the internet lets us spread the gospel in much the same way. Faith Collective is an interactive video-enhanced online resource for individuals to connect and grow in their relationship with Christ and with […]


This past April 16, was Easter Sunday, a true celebration of the eternal Gift. We live with the Holy Spirit in us, those words are a true understatement to the power of God in this time. Thinking about the story of the Gospel I took a longer look at Matthew chapter 26. I am reminded […]

Blessing the New Beginning

As a child I really loved the circus. One of the only times my dad was able to talk my mom into letting me skip school was to accompany him to see an old fashioned circus tent being raised without modern equipment. We watched the horses and elephants harnessed to equipment as tent poles were […]

Relationships that Matter

I just returned from a Children’s Literature Symposium at Oxford University in England. Each presenter at the conference was tasked to address a current trend, problem, or issue facing us as a global community of educators dealing with children. As I listened to speakers, I found a common thread that linked everyone’s issues together. No […]

How Many Ministers?

How many ministers do we have in our church? Have you counted the list on the back of the Sunday bulletin? Have you been down to the administrative area to count offices? Maybe you have looked for a list on the church website. Actually, none of these efforts will identify the number of ministers we […]

Music and Worship

I am writing this article days after the Maundy Thursday Chorale and orchestra program and I am still blown away by how much the Chorale (and the Music Ministry, in general) was able to accomplish in just a few short weeks. I have heard comments from many of you that this years’ service was one […]

The Virtual Doorway

Have you ever researched a restaurant, hotel, car dealership or Realtor before purchasing from or working with them? What about doing a quick search on your favorite social media channel and surveying friends online about an upcoming trip? I would imagine all of us have done this at some point and if we have not […]

Children Are a Blessing: Yes or No?

Psalm 127 states: Children are a heritage from the LORD, offspring a reward from him.  Like arrows in the hands of a warrior are children born in one’s youth. Blessed is the man whose quiver is full of them. These few poetic verses emphasize a principal that runs throughout the Bible: children are valued and loved by God. […]

Finding Your Story in God’s Story

We love a great story. Our hearts soar with each triumph and ache with each tragedy. We feel the story in our flesh and bones. The great stories invite us in. They show how we are part of the drama. What happens to the characters matters to us. In a sense we become members of […]

Worship Renewal

I’ve still only been at Trinity for less than a month, but I can say that I already feel at home. I am thankful for the hospitality of the other staff members, the Chorale, and all of the congregants who have come and introduced themselves to me. I am also blown away by the encouragement […]