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Phillips, Craig, and Dean recorded a timeless song many years ago called “There is a God.” Its message remains as applicable today as when it was first inspired. The lyrics speak to the feelings of helplessness, vulnerability, and frustration that we all experience at times in our lives. (Lyrics paraphrased) 

There is a God, who holds the whole world in His hand. Then where were You when mine came crashing down? He tells the sun and the stars where to shine, so where is He when all the lights went out for me? As human beings, we long for the presence and touch of a redeemer. We were created with this connection to God. When we feel lost, hurt, and out of control, our soul cries out for God who knows best how to guide us to steady and nurturing ground.  

There is a God who’s never left me, and here in my hurting, You’re still with me. You have carried me this far and You won’t stop now. Despite the pain, brokenness, and hurt we may experience, we can find hope and strength in knowing that there is a God who has never left us. He is with us even in our deepest moments of hurt and carries us through them. He catches our tears in a bottle, and even when we cannot see how, He is still working. 

There is a God who promises me He has a plan, and I’m protected by His hand. Through flood and fire, there is God. He may work slower than we think He should, but His ways are higher than ours. Sometimes, challenging experiences are necessary to get our attention and help us lean on the plan of a Savior.

There is a God who walks with us through the valleys of life. We discover our strengths and weaknesses in the valley. In our darkest moments, we can take comfort in knowing that we are never alone. These low points in life can build our confidence, provide insight and empathy for others, and strengthen our spiritual relationships.

These are questions from the heart, desperate to know just where You are? Right now, I can’t see you, but I’m choosing to believe. There is powerful strength and comfort in trusting in the provision of God. He never allows me to wander without his oversight. There is a God!

Although we may not always see God, we can choose to believe in His provision and trust that He never allows us to wander without His oversight. He is the maker of the heavens, the bright and morning star, the breath of all creation. He walked on water, calmed the seas, and bore the sins of humanity. He is the healer of the broken and the author and perfecter of our lives.

Rob Wood,

Grow in Love. Grow in Christlikeness.
Grow in Community. Grow in Service.


Where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.
-Matthew 6:21



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