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What IS Worldly?
March 24, 2017

Scripture: James 4:1-10 What IS Worldly? Power. Control. Divisiveness. This isn’t the latest season of Netflix’s hit series House of Cards. These are the problems James, the early church leader, identifies in some of the first Christian communities. Unchecked cravings lead to division; division leads to quarreling; quarreling leads to violence. This is not a […]

Monitor and Adjust
March 22, 2017

For many of us it is hard to believe that we are entering Spring season and soon will be in Summer. I imagine many Summer plans are already being made in anticipation of time-off and getting away. Much like families, the church looks forward to and plans for the near future as any responsible organization […]

A Biblical Conversation with The Shack
March 21, 2017

William Paul Young initially wrote the book for his children, with the hope that it would be distributed to a wider audience. WOW! That hope is being realized, first as a blockbuster book and now as a hit movie. The movie improves upon the book (See Value Added section.) Young’s novel and the film are […]