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We're Glad You're Here

Watch Services Online Covid-19 Updates

We're Glad You're Here

Watch Services Online Covid-19 Updates

Sunday Worship Services will be held on the Mulberry Campus and Livestreamed at 10:45am

Combined Worship Service at 10:30am
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Current Events and Recent Blogs

Affirmation Begins in the Family
May 14, 2020

A newborn baby whimpers and squirms right after exiting the birth canal. His mother picks him up and hugs him to her breast. “Now, ” she coos. “It’ will be all right.” He settles down and roots for her nipple. A three-month-old awakens from her nap and glances about the room. Her eyes focus on […]

Marriage Under Construction
April 14, 2020

Mutually affirming marriages do not just happen. Husbands and wives must work at creating an atmosphere in which their interdependence is expressed in ways that promote growth. Successful marriages are always under construction.Husband and wives are challenged to put their marriages together step by step. It is like building a model airplane. You have to […]

Independence, Dependence, Interdependence
March 3, 2020

Many people, have a rather cynical attitude about romantic love and the commitment it calls forth. It is fashionable today for men and women to talk about “independence.” To depend on someone, even a mate, seems to be a sign of weakness, or at least, incomplete fulfillment. As my wife and I have moved into […]