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God’s Spirit Calls for Faithfulness in Unfaithful Times
June 15, 2017

What do you think of when you think of a prophet? You might imagine someone whose eyes are in a trance uttering cryptic riddles related to future events. Maybe, you think of the Old Testament prophetic books pointing to the coming of Jesus the Messiah. Perhaps, you think of someone who shares with others personalized […]

Seasons of Life
June 15, 2017

I almost did not write a final Trumpet article because I do not like things to end, but my time here at Trinity has come to an end. I had not planned it this way. It was our intention to stay for the long haul here in San Antonio with Trinity but it seems that […]

Music & Worship Arts
June 5, 2017

By now you are probably asking where your Minister of Music and Worship Arts (and his wife) was for the month of May and that would be a fair question. Well, getting married, moving all our earthly possessions to San Antonio, and going on our honeymoon to Scotland took up a bit of our time! […]