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Expanding Sacred Space
February 21, 2018

Expanding Sacred Space Jesus journeyed beyond the typical and expected places to seek and save the broken, wandering, and hurting. Though Jesus did teach at the Temple and the synagogue, he also gained a reputation for being found in the company and at the parties of those with whom upstanding spiritual leaders were not supposed […]

Rest from Endlessly Proving Yourself
February 12, 2018

Rest from Endlessly Proving Yourself Six days for work. One for rest. It is an ancient formula the Hebrew people have been leaning into for thousands of years. It affirms the dignity and purpose of work, as well as the rightness and importance of a life and identity beyond our working. Theologically, it holds up […]

Seeing How God is Working at Trinity by Mark Barr
February 6, 2018

Seeing How God is Working at Trinity My wife, Marcia, and I are visiting Sunday School classes. We are following up on a wonderful suggestion to visit each Sunday School class twice. This experience is providing us a fantastic opportunity to see first-hand how God is working at Trinity Baptist Church in a variety of […]