How Did This Happen?

Do you remember when you realized your parents weren’t invincible? Maybe it was a parent falling perilously ill, losing a job, or a marriage unravelling. These kinds of things aren’t supposed to happen to Mom and Dad, or to whomever was a primary caregiver growing up. The comforting illusion of our parents as bulletproof is […]

Ride The Anger Or Be Overcome

Scripture: Obadiah 1-4, 10-21 I was hiking through the mountains of New Mexico when I first truly saw it. It had likely been there for awhile, but in the busyness of life, and in the overwhelming emotional weight of the season I had not paid it much attention. I had been coasting on fumes for […]

Sermon The Power of Love to Build, Heal & Guard Our Hearts

Is your heart broken? Is your broken heart healing? Though our hearts are vulnerable, they are built to last when they are built with God’s strength. Matters of the heart are forceful. So all meaningful conversations about love have to make sense to our hearts. As Pascal, master mathematician, became a believer he said, “The […]

Sermon: Is Your Heart Singing? Singing God’s Tune For You!

Scripture: Psalm 125-126 September 27, 2014 Joy is a choice! Only a thin line frequently separates a smile from our tears. Joy and sadness are common companions. We don’t need to be afraid of either. Our tears, when prayerfully given to God, are invested into the hands of the Creator. Who then shapes our hurting hearts […]