The Mission of Advent by Wayne Grant

The Mission of Advent by Wayne Grant December is here! All around us are reminders of this special season. Music, color, presents, decorations—all tell us that it is that Christmas time of year. Christmas has been adopted by our culture and turned into a secular celebration—it becomes simply the “holiday season” or “Xmas.” However, Christmas […]

Approaching Advent by Jacob Sensenig

Approaching Advent November should be a “calm before the storm” season, but for the Music and Worship Arts Ministry it often seems like the “storm before the even bigger storm.” The choirs and orchestra are feverishly preparing music for the Advent and Christmas season and from my vantage point as the person who is planning […]

Revolutionary Advent

Advent is Latin for “the coming.” It can be traced back to the Romans, who spoke of the Advent of Rome and the Advent of Caesar. The Romans believed all of human history had been building to the climax of the Roman Empire. The Pax Romana, the peace of Rome, was the hope and salvation […]