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Time. TALENT. Treasure. (Part 2 of 3)
Brandon Sappington
Stewardship Team Member

We all have God given talents. We have artists, athletes, accountants, etc. These are, hopefully, things that you relied on growing up and honed as an adult. They are frequently expressed in our jobs, relationships, and interests. Our talents give each of us joy and belonging. Everyone is good at something, and even more than that, God wants you to use it for Him. Last time, we discussed one of the things that God gives to us that He wants us to return a portion of: Time. As spring is really winding up, this is a great time to look for ways that you can serve God’s kingdom with your talents and gifts.

If you’re reading this blankly, wondering what I’m talking about, then we need to find out what your spiritual gifts are.Talent is something that you’re born with. Are you good with your hands? Naturally athletic? Good at math? These are all examples of talent that you have been given and/or developed over the course of your life. There are also spiritual gifts that God gives us that are granted to us through the Holy Spirit. It depends on who you ask, but generally there are around 19 spiritual gifts: Administration, Apostleship, Discernment, Evangelism, Exhortation, Faith, Giving, Healing,Interpretation, Knowledge, Leadership, Mercy, Miracles, Pastor/Shepherd, Prophecy, Service, Teaching, Tongues, and Wisdom. ( There are several free tests online that you can take to help determine which gifts you lean towards. Usually, people can show promise in multiple gifts, but there are usually 2 or 3 that an individual reallyshines at. You can use both your God given talents and spiritual gifts to serve God, and determining what you’re good at will ensure that your service will give you joy and fulfillment.

Fulfillment is what God’s plan is all about. There is a reason we call Him our Heavenly Father. We are His spiritualchildren, and ultimately He wants us to be happy, and that can only come through fitting in the proper place in His plan. At our churches, there are so many opportunities to use gifts and talent, but that also takes time. This is time that you will not regret sacrificing for Him, and we need you. For church to be a healthy, happy family and community, we need every person. You don’t need to get your life together. You don’t need to figure out how. Just trust God and do what He’s put in front of you.

I had an epiphany in my mid-30s as I was listening to the pastor at my church. He was doing the same thing that I amnow. Asking for congregational help, volunteers, and support. I completely agreed, and suddenly realized he was talking to me. I was going to church to be served. I was counting on others to carry the weight of service, and I just wanted tolearn. To live Christianity, you cannot just listen. You must act. Give it a try. Are you serving or being served?

Trust God and take your faith journey to the next level by using your talents and gifts for His Glory