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The moment captured me years ago, but seems like yesterday. He spoke of his
childhood on the Texas coast, and being a recipient of the State Mission Board
activities. Dr. Albert Reyes was sharing his testimony with my local congregation and said, “If you put
dimes and nickels in those little old time offering envelopes, my salvation and my being
here today is the result.”
Bam! It hit me. I was a Texas kiddo putting dimes and nickels in those envelopes. I was taught the importance of doing so, but never had I been face to face with the result. That moment’s impact forever changed my understanding of stewardship.

Brandon Sappington’s recent series shared on Facebook – TIME. TALENT. TREASURE. highlighted how these three components of life are paramount in living out stewardship.

I ponder how the 7.5% of my church’s annual budget is committed to Missions beyond our campus and congregation. How many more “Alberts” are out there because we gave our TREASURE to the world far away? How much of our TREASURE has reached “Alberts” at my church’s doorstep through Vacation Bible School, Art Camp, and Pre-Teen Camp?

I try to imagine the ripple effect stories to be told starting with the Alpha Home clients getting treatment for chemical dependency, to their children and relatives, and the community as a whole, resulting from the TIME invested by my fellow church members serving on the Alpha Home board. Mercy! I have been impacted by the TIME spent by my church family in the surgery waiting room, visiting Mom’s hospital
bedside, baking and dropping off brownies, my church’s Pray Ministry Prayergrams arriving in the mailbox, and my church family extroverts who have dialed the phone to call (I notice ‘cause I’m the introvert not likely to call). TIME…they have all stewarded their TIME into my family’s life.

TALENT…oh my, where do I start? The teaching, leading teams, classes and
departments that all take place in my local church. Being on staff, I witness the behind-the-scenes expression of TALENT in those who bring events from idea to reality, who organize collection drives and food distribution, who make church life happen with handshakes and smiles, and the good-at-math
counting the offering. And yes, I picked up a Floral Ministry arrangement from the Reception Desk to take to Mom.

Paul wrote in 1 Corinthians 3:6 (KJV) “I have planted, Apollos watered; but God gave
the increase.” Paul’s words remind me that TIME. TALENT. TREASURE. are the seeds
we each possess to be sown.

Miss Janet L. Hughes,
TBC Social Media Team