Year in Review by Judd Cochran

Year in Review

For this June Trumpet I want to shed light on just some of the amazing things that God has been up to in our Student Ministry. God has been up to some big things throughout this past year, and I want to share some of the wonderful news with you.

1. Our Wednesday night attendance has grown by more than 100% this past year. In April of last year, we were averaging around 15 students on a Wednesday evening. This past April we were averaging between 30-35 students on a weekly basis. God is so good!

2. This Spring semester we hit a high attendance of 40 students on a Wednesday evening. Our students are starting to gain understanding of what we are doing and they are bringing their friends. God is so good!

3. Of our twelve 6th and 7th graders that promoted up into the youth ministry this past year, ten have become regular attenders, others are serving by helping to run tech in the Student Center, and another is playing keys in our Crossings Service. God is so good!

4. The Student Ministry has gained 17 new regular attenders this past year. Students who were not attending Trinity Baptist Church this time last year are currently here regularly on Wednesday evenings, Sunday mornings, or Wednesdays and Sundays. God is so good!

5. Our student outreach events grew to an all-time high attendance, and Friendsgiving was attended by 50 students. God is so good!

6. DiscipleNow Weekend also saw growth as Trinity Baptist Church had 50 students in attendance, and 15 other students from Thousand Oaks Bible Church. They all heard the gospel and were discipled during this amazing weekend. God is so good!

7. Students were challenged to share their “faith story” with their peers on a Wednesday Evening as one of the requirements to attend Super Summer, and they have almost all completed this task. God is so good!!

8. We are taking a team of 17 people to Honduras this summer and will be going into public schools to share the gospel with students in Honduras. God is so good!

God has blessed us so much this year. I am eagerly awaiting what He will do in the lives of our students and church family this summer.