Worship Renewal

I’ve still only been at Trinity for less than a month, but I can say that I already feel at home. I am thankful for the hospitality of the other staff members, the Chorale, and all of the congregants who have come and introduced themselves to me. I am also blown away by the encouragement I have gotten to continue to try to find things to bring about worship renewal at Trinity. So far, this has included simple adjustments like adapting the flow of worship services, introducing a few new songs, and even some new instrumentation, but I look forward to exploring many other possibilities with you.

When I speak of worship renewal, I’m talking about a host of issues, which includes, but is not limited to, musical issues. In fact, over the next few months we will explore new musical avenues, but I am most excited about enriching our worship through formative liturgical practices that help us to develop a more profound awareness of the beauty, majesty, mystery, and holiness of the triune God. Join me as I pray throughout the week for our corporate worship gatherings and I pray that you will come each morning expecting to encounter the triune God through Word, Table, and music.

I am also praying that each and every gathering over the coming weeks will help us to focus our attention upon Jesus and his journey toward the Cross, a journey that each of us is called to imitate.