Worldwide Welcoming Wisdom

Scripture: 1 Kings 10:1-9, 23-25

The Queen of Sheba heard about Solomon’s fame regarding Yahweh. When she sought out Solomon she didn’t come alone. She brought her questions. Actually she brought her hard questions. Questions probe, challenge, stretch, humble, and open us up. Questions are intriguing traveling companions.

When we travel we plot our route. Pack our bags. Arrange lodging. Usually we only bring the essentials, and the entertaining. I imagine the hard questions the Queen of Sheba brought with her fell under both categories. I recently took a vacation to the Bay area of northern California. I was excited to see good friends, drink good coffee, hike beautiful spots, and read good books. Before I go on a trip I reflect on which ebooks and which songs I want to download on my tablet for the trip. It’s important to have good musical and literary companions on any journey. Yet inevitably, the ebooks and songs are not the ones I need in the moment. The experiences, places, and conversations stir up new emotions within me which demand different musical and literary accompaniment. It’s a challenge to welcome every experience appropriately.

The scriptures tell us Solomon answered all of her questions. He fielded every single question she had carefully shipped with her on the journey. Solomon welcomed each and every question and unpacked them with wisdom. Wisdom welcomes all we bring to the table. Wisdom sees beyond the question into the soul of the questioner, and wisdom points beyond itself to the Creator of us all. This was the wisdom into which Solomon connected other people. Solomon’s wisdom was not about him, but about blessing others, bringing justice, spreading love, and pointing others to God.

When have you been in the presence of someone wise?

How did you experience his or her wisdom?

How might we be shaped by wisdom?

How does wisdom invite all of your story to the table?

When did someone wisely welcome your questions?