Are You Working In Vain? Building To Last!

Pastor Les Hollon - October 4, 2015

Are You Working In Vain? Building To Last!

Are You Working In Vain? Building To Last! - Psalms 127-128

From Series: "Psalms: Songs For Our Journey (September - October 2015)"

Psalms is God's richly diverse treasure book for people who are pursuing their life as a faith journey. Hope & despair, joy & anger, praise & grief, godliness & sinfulness, wisdom foolishness, questions & answers are highlighted in a way that better helps us to understand who we are in light of God. Each message will focus on how God's presence & promises speak to the pressing needs of our life.

Psalm 127-128     Sermon Notes

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Scripture Psalm 127-128

Key Verses: “Unless the Lord builds the house, it’s builder builds in vain. Unless the Lord watches over the city, the watchmen stand guard in vain. In vain you rise early and stay up late, toiling for food to eat – but He grants sleep to those He loves.” Psalm 127:1-2

You know that uneasy feeling when you are troubled by a decision you’ve made, a direction you’ve chosen? You can’t quite pinpoint it, but you take your uneasiness to God in prayer. And there God directs you to the source of your dis-ease. Your conscience is warning you that what you are doing is not sustainable. You made that decision, and chose your direction without consulting God. Ugh.

This is the big uh-oh. All of us have made this mistake, committed this sin. The Psalmist wrote from personal experience. And also those who sang Psalm 127, as they went to worship, knew this anguish first hand.

Within this warning, however, is hope. The uneasiness is our conscience picking up the spiritual signals that what we are doing is disconnected from God’s sustainable blessings. Like the builder who built his life on the sand and when the storms blew, his life like the house – collapsed. Therefore, Jesus said, “build your life house upon Me, and the rock solid foundation of My teachings.” (Matthew 7:24-27)

How do we get this right?

1) PRAYERFULLY PAY ATTENTION. Listen to God, people, and that still small spiritual voice within you (your intuitive awareness). (Proverbs 3:5-6) Observe what is going on. Let God sharpen your powers of observation. Along with the dangers, look for the breakthroughs God is providing.

2) CHOOSE COURSE CORRECTION. If required, change. Maybe you are headed in the right direction but you are going for the wrong reason. Purify your heart. Maybe you need to accept and admit that the course you chose was the wrong choice. Don’t freeze in your regret. Let go of your ego and let the great “I am” shepherd you forward. (Psalm 23, John 10)

3) GO GODWARD. Finish what God has begun. Know the pleasure which comes by “a long obedience in the RIGHT direction.” God’s!