WISDOM for Life’s Storms

This article was recently published in the February 2105, San Antonio Local Community News.

I once said to an older friend, “when I get to heaven, there are several questions I am going to ask God”. Her telling response was, “honey, once you get to heaven, you are not even going to remember your questions.” Maybe so. Maybe not. But her insight holds. God ultimately knows why things are, and when we are perfectly in His presence
all things which we still need to know about our earthly life will be made clear to us.

However, we like the biblical character Job, live in the hard realities of an earthly life. And our lives sometimes gets turned upside down. Job’s children were killed by storms. His ranch & farm lands were invaded by terrorists who killed the ranch hands and stole all the livestock. Job’s body became infected with boils and shingles.

To find answers for his soulful questions, Job turned to a way of understanding God that is called wisdom. Most of us want to be wise, not fools. Wisdom’s warning signals alert us of coming danger. Acting rightly before regret sets in is the wise person’s course of action.
Wisdom is not a substitute for faith but a faithful reflection of how to make decisions in the midst of life’s storms.

My son Steven once asked when I was driving him to kindergarten,”Dad, can you make me be 3 or 4 again?” … “No. Why, son?” … “I was just checking. Life was easier then.” All of us know what it is like to yearn for an earlier time when life seemed simpler.

Job ached for his former feeling of security that had come from a lifestyle made secure by abundance. With his prior “muchness” he felt assured of God’s presence. Now that he had only the anguish of enforced loss, he was painfully learning what it was like to feel God’s presence in the midst of grief.

A friend wrote to me weeks after his wife’s death, “I realize the only peace I am going to find in accepting this is going to come from God; I am struggling with that for the first time in over two years. My thoughts and feelings are out of sync.” He had beautifully cared for her and guided the family during her long goodbye. Now a lasting grief has set in for him. Knowing that nothing will ever be the same, he pursues a wisdom to know how his heart & head can come together in light of his new reality.

As our wounds heal, a heavenly wisdom is born in our earthly lives. Wisdom makes us more aware of how to live in God’s grace. Like Job we can learn how to hear God’s voice in the midst of stormy circumstances. Life storms do not mean that God has abandoned us. Instead they can mean that God trusts us enough to trust Him in the midst of the storm.