Why Do You Pray? How Do You Pray?

San Antonio gathered to pray. Yesterday our TriPoint campus was full of leaders guided by a belief and practice that we are made stronger through prayer. God’s blessings flowed through our National Day of Prayer Breakfast as we answered the headlined two questions.
Modeled unity was shown by our partnership with the YMCA of Greater S.A., the Baptist Health Foundation and the profound messages of Mayor Ivy Taylor, Rabbi Mara Nathan, and Archbishop Garcia-Siller.

As we began I highlighted The Pathway of religious freedom we travel as Americans and offer to the world.

1) We believe everyone is made in God’s image and the dignity of each person is to be respected.

2) We know there are major differences among various religions and we need to work through through them by active & prayerful conversation. Not by only looking for the lowest common denominator but by constructing sturdy bridges across the divide.

3) We build upon common values and work together  to achieve their fulfillment.

4) We create and protect a marketplace for the free exchange of our religious faiths.

5) We therefore can passionately and persuasively share our faith.

Thanks be to God.

A Clip from the National Day of Prayer Breakfast


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