Who’s At The Table?

Scripture: Luke 22:14-30

This Sunday, our Trinity Faith Family will break bread and drink in the fruit of the vine. Christian churches have been celebrating this meal since before their members were ever called Christians or their gatherings were called church. This meal is often called the Lord’s Supper in large part because it was initiated by Jesus the Christ. It reminds us this table, it’s elements, and it’s invitation are not the property of of any denomination, leadership group, or theological camp. It is the Meal offered by Lord Jesus the Christ. It is a meal where we remember, our identified with, and enter into Jesus’ selfless giving of his life. It is also a meal where we remember the many meals Jesus was sharing with others in the Gospels.

Jesus had a way of forgetting to run his guest lists by the proper channels. Jesus got into trouble during most meals in the Gospels. He had this Way of sharing his table with the wrong crowd. Often he invited the people polite religious company found to be too compromised, immoral, and unfaithful. Even when Jesus was sharing the table with the religious elite, he usually also shared challenging words with them. One religious leader even told him over a meal, “Teacher, when you say these things, you insult us also” (Lk. 11:45).

I think of the eccentric, rag-tag, down-and-out, morally compromised, socially rejected invitees to Jesus’ table when I approach the Lord’s Supper. I recall the ego-inflated, well-to-do, morally smug, socially snobby invitees to Jesus’ table too. I remember on the first Lord’s Supper Jesus shared intimate fellowship with apprentices who would abandon, deny, and betray him just a short while later. I try to remember all of that and when I do, I know I’m at the needed and appropriate table for my life.

In the Gospel of Luke, Jesus began this meal by sharing with this mixed-motive, messy-spirituality, prone-to-wander followers a key insight into his heart. “I have eagerly desired to eat this Passover with you before I suffer” (Lk. 22:15). Jesus had a passionate desire to share his meal with all of us. Not just all types of people, but all of what we each bring to the table, with our blessings and curses, successes and failures, faithfulness and betrayal. It’s enough to make my heart prone to wonder!