Where Dreams Come True

Genesis 28:10-22

Jacob and his son Joseph were dreamers. True to their lives, their dreams involved them but weren’t just about them. The dreams of J&J revealed how God wanted to work through them in order to accomplish God’s best for all people. This reality was a stretch for both father and son. How they dreamed and what they dreamed helps us to know our own God given dreams.

Jacob received his first dream when fleeing a family crisis. The dysfunction of his family centered around parental disagreements and the impact this had on the children. Sound familiar? Following is a brief outline of how God stretched  Jacob’s soul to see life’s larger spiritual realities. Jacob learned how to become God’s blessing for others instead of only seeking blessings for himself.

God’s amazing grace is shown in Jacob’s dream. Jacob did not deserve to shape the covenant made to his grandfather Abraham (Gen. 12:1-3). Jacob manipulatively strived to get his blessing. Deceiving both his brother and father in the process, he was forced to flee back to his family’s ancestral home. The opening dream began to open him to a personal relationship with God. Learning how to let God’s blessings flow through him, he was entrusted with a new name – Israel.

God transformed Jacob’s earthbound dreams into a heavenly bound dream. God had to grab hold of Jacob’s attention through the unconscious – the dream. Jacob’s conscious self was too resistant to allow God’s message to penetrate his self centeredness. This began Jacob’s transformation. He named the place Bethel, “the house of God”.