When Can We Pray?

We can pray WHEN:
happy or sad, glad or mad;
early in the morning or late at night;
driving during rush hour or walking in the woods;
life seems the pits or it’s high five thank you God time;

We can pray WHEN:
in the middle of worship or during a date;
recovering from a fall or reaching the summit;
you know what’s going on or haven’t a clue;
you’re laughing out loud or crying within;

We can pray WHEN:
studying the Bible or cramming for a test;
you’re being gossiped about or wearing a crown;
the I dos are spoken or the IOUs come due;
kneeling at home or standing in a crowd;

We can pray WHEN:
hoping for a cure or knowing you’re healed;
the kids are young or their dreams are grown;
our desires are dashed or promises kept;
God is near or Emmanuel is crucified.

WHEN to pray was best answered by Paul, “always”.
And always we can know that God knows us.