What Is Your Hope? Hope That Is Real

Scripture Psalm 129-130

Pastor Les Hollon - October 11, 2015

What Is Your Hope? Hope That Is Real!

What Is Your Hope? Hope That Is Real! - Psalms 129-130

From Series: "Psalms: Songs For Our Journey"

Psalms is God's richly diverse treasure book for people who are pursuing their life as a faith journey. Hope & despair, joy & anger, praise & grief, godliness & sinfulness, wisdom foolishness, questions & answers are highlighted in a way that better helps us to understand who we are in light of God. Each message will focus on how God's presence & promises speak to the pressing needs of our life.

Psalm 129-130     Sermon Notes

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Are you hopeful? Do you smile or frown when you think about the future? Do the problems facing you have answers? Do you see life as a pathway provided by God? Are God’s promises showing you how to succeed in your challenges? How you answer these questions depends on who & what gives you hope. God is hope’s foundation. The resurrected Christ is proof of God’s power to win life over death. With that being true then God enables us to breakthrough any difficulty that afflicts us. We see how biblical faith leads us to hope, and hope is what calls our faith forward. (Hebrews 11:1) We see how hope eternal is inseparable from faith and love. (1 Corinthians 13:13) We see how worshippers can bring their troubles to God – in hope – and find redemption.(Psalm 129-130)

God’s hope positions us to break through our difficulties.

130:4 With God there is forgiveness. Reverence and awe is our worshipful response. 130:5 Because of His word I can hope, and therefore I can trust God’s timing.

130:6 We become watchmen, knowing that God’s hope is as sure to happen as the morning sun will rise. Dawn follows dusk.

130:7-8 God’s love is demonstrated by His steadfast love. Redemption closes the gap between where we are and where God’s hope can takes us. Know the abundant life, “Christ in you, the hope of glory.” (Colossians 1:27)