What If?

I have been given the opportunity to lead a Small Group called, The Cure, this Spring and it has given me the opportunity to look at our Church, our God and myself in a different light. The subtitle of the book is, “What if God isn’t who you think He is and neither are you?”. What a provocative question that may make many of us take a step back and evaluate who we are and our relationship with God and how that relates to our role in the Church. What if I were to take this question one step further and ask, “What if Trinity Baptist Church is not what we think it is?” I think that would make many of us want to stop and think for a second and ponder what that question means in our lives.

I have only been at Trinity for a year and a half so I do not have the history that many of you have who are reading this article. I have only heard and did not have the opportunity to experience the highs and lows of Trinity Baptist Church, but I believe I have been here long enough to dream and pray and seek God to see His vision of what He wants Trinity Baptist Church to be.

The book we are going through in our Small Group is focused on the individual and puts less emphasis on the Church. However, if we are to evaluate who we are in light of God and He being the supreme being and Creator of all, we will eventually be led to evaluate our role in the church. Where do we stand? What is our role? What if we were to remove, or at least evaluate, the life scripts that we have written about ourselves or have had written by someone else who had a significant influence on our lives, and from that evaluation determine that this script that I am living is not the script that God intended? The script has been all wrong because it has caused me to do it all on my own in my own power with God as an add-on used only when it was convenient to check-in with Him.

What if God did not want us to do it all on our own to please Him but instead to trust Him? What if we looked at our lives from a posture of trust and faith and less on how hard we work to please Him and impress others with our works? Isn’t it exhausting trying to please God all the time? It is for me. We have a God, the one and only God, who is offering us the gift of grace that we can only get from Him. That gift is readily available and abundant if we trust Him and His purpose for us.

Now, what does this have to do with those of us here at Trinity? It has everything to do with the future of Trinity Baptist Church. As we deeply evaluate our lives and fully trust in God we will see what our role is here at Trinity and our role in the community. We can go down the road of pleasing God, with good intentions to be all God wants us to be on our own power and effort and become disillusioned and jaded, or we can trust God as individuals and a church and live within His love and grace. He is there waiting for us to trust Him wanting us to live in the Room of Grace.