Were You A Full Participant in 2015

Were you a full participant in 2015? Last January, my Trumpet article was based on being a full participant in life and begin fully engaging all of your current pursuits including church, family, work or other significant activities that require our time and energy. I will be the first to admit that I tried, but there were times throughout the year when I was not fully engaged. I am hopeful improvements were made, but maybe I will need additional accountability for the upcoming year!

So what will being a full participant look like for you in 2016? It seems we have even more distractions than ever with a continuous onslaught of violence in our community and the world, as well as other moral catastrophes that are happening around us daily. During times such as these, we are called to be even more diligent and fully engaged in our daily activities. As we look out to a world that is seemingly spinning out of control, the one thing we can fully participate in and have complete control over is how we pray. We can be fully engaged in prayer with the only One who can move us forward and keep us focused on our purpose and our reason to participate.

Sadly many of us, including me, try to fix before we pray, or we worry, despair and wring our hands and lament on how bad the world is. We so often seek our own solutions before we take a step back and go to God and seek Him. In an age where many exclaim, “look at what the world has come to”, we need to have the hope and faith to profess, “look what has come to the world”!

We have just concluded the season where we celebrate the coming of Jesus to this world. In a continuation of this spirit and with the desire to be full participants in prayer, we can bring God’s peace and love to everyone we encounter in all aspects of our life. I ask as we enter this new year that you become a full participant by praying without ceasing for Trinity, and the ministries our church provides, but also for our community and our world, displaying the hope and love that only we can show. God’s church is in this world and we have been given the responsibility to fully participate in God’s creation through prayer and the actions required as a result of our prayers.