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1 Church, 3 Campuses

What does it mean that Trinity Baptist Church is One Church, Three Campuses?

At Trinity we are committed to help every child, youth, and adult be successful in life through a dynamic relationship of loving God, loving each other, and loving ourselves.

God is so magnificent that one name cannot fully describe God. So in the Bible, God is called Father-Son-Holy Spirit. The Trinity, three in one, is also a dynamic way of understanding how God works in our lives. This is why the founders of our church chose Trinity as our name. “Trinity” centers us in the fullness of God’s presence so we can work through all of His power to fulfill all of His promises.

Trinity is also the background of why we named our third campus TriPoint. Tri means a unified three. We are one church with three campuses that are located within a few blocks from each other. Our unified approach and common identity enables each of our campuses to lead with a distinctive purpose for the benefit of our community.

Through our Mulberry campus we are the “light house on the hill” connected to the San Antonio region as the gathering in and sending out of a vibrant five generation congregation.  Among the many diverse ministries offered on the Mulberry Campus, Sanctuary Worship on the Mulberry campuses is at 10:15 every Sunday Morning.

Through the Ruble Center, our second campus, we serve the San Antonio region via various social gospel ministries. Trinity is the founder of Alpha Home, which is an effective faith-based approach to help women recover from chemical addition. The Ruble Center serves as the primary offices for Alpha Home.

The TriPoint campus is our extended front door to San Antonio. It is a nontraditional, relationally based church campus that helps us build relationships in the San Antonio region. The contemporary CROSSINGS worship is every Sunday morning at 10:45.

Innovation is part of our heritage, our present, and our future.  This unified three campus approach enables us to reach people with the gospel beyond that of a traditional one-campus approach.   It places Trinity as a leader in both the San Antonio region and through ministries that reach around the world.

Our mission requires hard work, great faith, loving hearts, courageous hands, and sharp minds.  We are committed to boldly pursue creative opportunities to share the Christian gospel because “We are a Caring Family of Believers Communicating and Applying the Life Changing Message Of Christ’s Unconditional Love.”

Mulberry Campus

319 E. Mulberry
San Antonio, TX 78212
Phone: (210) 733-6201
Fax: (210) 738-7797 & (210) 733-8498
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TriPoint Campus

3233 N. St. Mary’s – Suite 102
San Antonio, TX 78212
(210) 738-7733
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Ruble Center

419 E. Magnolia
San Antonio, Texas  78212
(210) 733-6201  FAX (210) 735-3019
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(NOTE: Through a joint venture between Trinity Baptist Church and Alpha Home, the Ruble Community Center is currently being utilized to expand and increase the ministry of Alpha Home.)

If you have additional questions about Trinity, please call the TBC office (210-733-6201) or email: