Volunteerism at Trinity Flows Out of Faith in Christ

It is common to hear someone from a non-profit organization talk about having “volunteers” and it recently stuck me that we do not talk enough about the differences between being a volunteer, and the ministry that each of us are called to when we choose to follow Christ.

Of course, in both cases an individual is giving his or her time and experience.  However, our ministry as either a professional or lay person flows out of our faith in Christ.  We are doing important work to help grow God’s kingdom here on earth.  Our ministries are life-long investments that ideally begin when we make that initial decision to follow Christ; though the shape of our ministries may naturally change with new life-stages.

In one of the photos included on this page you see Harold Risener and Gene Hickey standing on either side of our former Deacon Chair, Dianna Crocker.  This picture was taken at a meeting where Harold and Gene were honored for having served a total of 100 years as ushers of Trinity Baptist Church.   Those of us that have benefited by the warmth of their welcome, understand what a difference it makes when members and visitors receive that kind of greeting when entering the doors of a church.

Harold Risener, Dianna Crocker, and Gene Hickey

The second photo is of Chester Johnson, who has stood at the entrance of the Creative Life Center and greeted those who entered for more years than he can remember.  The few times he has had to be absent because of health, many who walked through those doors asked about Chester and expressed gratitude for his faithfulness.

Chester Johnson

These examples of ministry that helps shine Christ’s light into our world are just three examples out of hundreds that happen regularly through Trinity members.  They are examples of individuals who have given long and faithful service and we are grateful.

From the same Spirit that has called individuals like Harold Risener, Gene Hickey, and Chester Johnson to faithfully stand by the door, I trust that new individuals will be called to serve. 

At this moment I am praying that Trinity members will respond to the challenge to use their gifts to help grow Trinity Online.  This, too, is a doorway where members and even guests beyond San Antonio will enter.  If you feel called to learn how you can help, please email me, VHollon@trinitybaptist.org.