Updating With A Purpose

In my role as Church Administrator, I receive a lot of questions as well as suggestions regarding the operations, maintenance and finances of Trinity Baptist Church. This is encouraging because it tells me that people are engaged with what is going on at the church. The questions and suggestions many times come after we have painted a new part of the building, put up new way finding, added digital signage or installed new flooring. All of these things have been done recently throughout the Mulberry campus as well as at TriPoint.

Please know that this work is executed with a purpose and with an end goal in mind. As part of our desire to be a church that exemplifies the glory of God, we have established a strategic initiative that evaluates our current facilities allowing us to make incremental improvements instead of having continual large campaigns that put a strain on the church. A recent example is the update to the Fanning Foyer. I am not sure the last time it was refurbished, but it was determined that the foyer needed to be freshened up a bit and not just because the paint had become slightly faded. We assessed the foyer against the current state of Trinity and the foyer looked tired, which does not reflect the energy and vibrancy here at Trinity. As Pastor Les has said, God is remodeling our hearts and our community. Because of that, our church is growing and impacting the community so we felt this vision needed to be reflected in the foyer as well other strategic areas of the campus. We have new people coming every Sunday and many of them are entering through the Fanning Foyer. They are coming because they are looking for the “Light” so we determined it made sense to update the foyer to make it a bright welcoming environment that properly reflects the church.

We continually assess how we can create a space here at Trinity that reflects our Creator and can be used effectively to equip the people of God to reach our community and the world. Some may be concerned that we can become too focused internally on the building and facilities and lose sight of the larger role of the church in disciple-making. I happen to be one of those who believe we can lose that focus; however, I know we need a facility that not only equips our current members in the developing of disciples but also provides an inviting environment that is welcoming to our visitors and community.

There is a balance we need to keep, and maybe even a fine line we must walk to ensure we do not entrench ourselves and fear for the future and the upkeep of our facilities. God has blessed Trinity with great people and great facilities, and as good stewards we must trust and have faith that he will continue to do so.

The state of our church’s facilities tell the story of who we are.May we tell this story well and with excellence!