Please make sure to continue checking our website as we post TBC updates related to Covid-19. "Click Here" for our most recent updates.

Trinity Baptist Church Covid-19 Updates

March 27, 2020 5PM
Dear Trinity Baptist Family,
Our love & prayers are with you. Through God’s grace, and our togetherness – we are surviving the challenge. God gives us the capacity to adapt and even thrive during these times. Most of how we are adapting will be short-term. Once the Covid-19 danger passes, we will return to familiar ways for which we will be newly grateful. AND there will be some practices that we’ve newly developed that we will choose to continue practicing on the other side of this current challenge. How we live our faith and do life now will determine what that looks like on the other side of the pandemic. With The Lord as our Shepherd, prayerfully think through the assuring & adaptive ways of faith being modeled in Psalm 23.
We are learning as we go, by being: centered in Christ; aware, but not scared; staying research informed; using & improving best practices; reaching out to each other & our community. The following are 9 updates:


1. This Sunday’s online worship will be based from our TriPoint campus at 10:30am. The Pastoral Staff, Production Team, and a few musicians will be leading. Invite others to join in these live worship experiences on Facebook or on our website. I join you in being grateful to all of our staff who make possible these and other services. Fortunately, we were prepared to accelerate our online capacities.

2. My sermon, “Loving & Being Loved During This Crisis,” is based on Jesus’ example & teaching from John 13:1-17, 34-35. As you prayerfully read the verses, receive Christ’s love so you can best share His love.

3. Ministry continues, illustrated by: connecting via phone, email, text, and postal mail; getting food & benevolent assistance to people in need; our Prayer Room is operational (210-738-PRAY); using Zoom and other avenues for Bible Studies & group happenings; social media messaging, and…

4. Our Ministers are producing quality online faith resources. Use them and share them. Check our website for weekly updates:

5. TBC Staff members are working remotely. At times, some come in to the office for certain work responsibilities. Our Facilities Team continues to work on maintenance projects. Your calls to the church office (210-733-6201) are answered by a person who will then direct it to the staff person who can be most helpful. Feel free to email a staff member directly, using our email address format. For example, mine is The drive-thru for Summer Moon at TriPoint continues their normal hours. Alpha Home is doing amazing work.

6. Our Deacons & other leaders are calling to check in with all TBC members. Let the office know if your contact info has changed.

7. While Sunday School classes and other small groups are not able to meet in person, alternate resources are available and being used by many people. Contact your leader if you have questions.

8. Thanks for your financial giving during this tough stretch. Though we’ve reduced our operational budget, your offerings enable us to keep doing gospel ministry. Since we can’t take the offering as we normally do on Sundays, please give by: Pushpay or going online to our website;mailing your contributions (Trinity Baptist Church, 319 E. Mulberry Ave., San Antonio, Texas, 78212); automatic donations from your bank. All the while we are sensitive to and praying for your financial situation. The following is a summary from our church year, which began 10/1/19.

Expenses (with capital expenditures) $2,417,552
Net Income…………………………………………….-$98,198

9. Tomorrow, (Saturday, 3/28) from 1:00-2:00pm, I will be co-facilitating “A Day Of Reflection In San Antonio” (see details below). During the day, tune in as you wish.

Always remember this truth, “Christ is risen! He is risen indeed.” We are an Easter people.

Pastor Les

March 18, 2020 5PM
During our fluid situation, we are: centered in Christ; aware but not scared; staying research informed; using best practices; reaching out to each other & our community. The following are 10 important updates:

1. For the next 2 Sundays (March 22 & 29) at least, we will worship online only. The ministry staff and other worship leaders will be on campus leading an online 10:30am service. Invite others to join in these live online worship experiences. Obviously, this is not our preference, but it is what our context is requiring of us. Like you, I am glad that we were prepared to ramp up this way of our being together.

2. Our ministry staff is doing great work. As of now our offices are open but we are prepared to work remotely if need be. Please continue to pray for all the TBC staff.

3. A drive-thru version of Bountiful Blessing will provide groceries for 100 families this Saturday morning. Please pray as we give care to the most vulnerable in our community.

4. Our Deacons & other leaders will be calling to check in with all TBC members. Let the office know (210-733-6201) if your contact information has changed.

5. Though Sunday School classes & small groups will not be meeting in person, there are alternate resources that are available (or will be available) for you to use. These are being updated with your teachers and/or class leaders.

6. Our Ministry Staff has created faith resources for children, youth, adults – individuals and families. More is on the way. Use them and share them.

7. Your giving financially is as important now as it has ever been, if not more so. As of today, our contributions for this week are 1/3rd of what we would have typically received. We can’t pass the plate as we normally do on Sundays, so please give by: mailing in your contributions to 319 E Mulberry Ave, San Antonio, TX 78212, using Push-paygoing online at our website, or making automatic payments from your account.

8. Our Prayer Room is fully activated. The room is regularly sanitized and has a separate secure entrance. Call the office if you can volunteer for an hour during the week.

9 . Check our website for important updates, and faith resources.

10. Tune in to our radio program, Monday through Friday from 6:30-7:00am and Sunday mornings from 8:30-9:00am. This program, which reaches a wide region, can be heard on channel 630 AM

We are an Easter people, “we know in whom we believe and are persuaded that God is able to keep that which we commit to Him in that Day.”

Pastor Les

March 13, 2020 6PM

Earlier today, Mayor Nirenberg, Governor Abbott, and President Trump all declared states of emergency for their respective jurisdictions as we continue to wrestle with the growing crisis of the Covid-19 virus. What we do know is that In these uncertain and unsettling times we can place our fears into God’s care so we can live as a people of faith to give His care in the world.

As a result, we are modifying  our Sunday worship schedule and weekly events. Our website is the best source for up to date information. Or during the weekday you can call our office (210-733-6201) and speak to our receptionist or a pastor.

  • This Sunday we will have one Worship Service @ the Mulberry Campus  at 10:30 A.M. but we encourage you to join us on  Livestream or Facebook. If you do decide to come, please make sure that you are healthy.
  • No childcare will be provided during the service.
  • Sunday School classes will be cancelled for all ages.
  • Additionally, this week – we will not have PDO; Great Hearts Academy and BSF will not be meeting on campus; TACO Tuesday, Faith Family Night, and all other small groups throughout the week of March 16th through the 21st will be cancelled.
  • Prayer is always essential. Please contact us if you would to like to be a volunteer for the Prayer Room. Also let people know they can call the Prayer Room 24/7 for prayer at 210-738-PRAY. We will continue to monitor this fluid situation and respond with additional modifications as needed.
  • For the most up-to-date information about how the Covid-19 virus is impacting our community and Trinity Baptist Church’s programming, please refer to our website,

REMEMBER: We as a church body want to be responsible and good stewards as we seek to meet the needs of our city, state, nation, and world. We’ve been highlighting for us to follow basic precautions – frequently and thoroughly wash your hands; avoid touching your face, eyes, nose, or mouth; utilize “social distancing” techniques by keeping 4-6 feet of personal space between you and other people, and avoid public handshakes or other physical contact. It is also extremely important for the fight against the spread of Covid-19 that each of us honestly self-select when to go out in public, especially for those who are feeling sick or showing any symptoms of illness such as coughing, fever, or shortness of breath, or those over the age of 60 or who have underlying medical conditions.