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Dave Ballard, Chair
Ken Smith, Vice Chair
Ann DeBarros, Secretary

Ex Officio

Ross Johns, Deacon Chair
Karl Schank, Discipleship & Education
Ann Smith, Lay Ministry
D. Leslie, Hollon, Senior Pastor
Mike Rice, Music & Worship Arts
Jim Furgerson, Mission

At Large

Dave Ballard (Expires 9/30/21)
Ken Smith (Expires 9/30/21)
Malcolm Thomas(Expires 9/30/21)
Ann DeBarros (Expires 9/30/20)
Terry Green (Expires 9/30/20)
Charlotte Walsh(Expires 9/30/21)
Arline Patterson (Expires 9/30/20)

Meeting Dates

Trustee Meetings are held in the CLC Grandroom at 6:00 pm, unless otherwise scheduled.   See upcoming meeting dates below:



Please find below the minutes that have been approved for posting for the last 2 meeting dates:

Trustee Packet for 07202020

Trustee Packet for 6222020


If you need minutes from further back, please contact Cheryl Reyes at and she will retrieve those for you.