Trinity’s Online Ministry Helps Grow Disciples

Our new online ministry, called “Faith Collective,” is growing and contributing to our mission. For instance, this week we will tape four new videos by Nancy Abbott, the chaplain for the YMCA of Greater San Antonio on the topic of Prayer:

1. God, I Want to Pray, But Need Help!
(I really do want to pray, but I really don’t know
where to start! Learn some simple prayer tips to
make talking to God super easy and let the
conversation begin!)

2. Can I REALLY Pray Out Loud?
(Some of us are really good at talking out loud, but
when it comes to praying out loud, well, that’s
another story. Check out these simple tips that will
ignite in you a desire to pray in community with

3. First Responders: Praying In the Moment!
(How do you respond to a grieving person? What
do you share with the mom who is overwhelmed
with three small children? Consider responding
with prayer! Pray at the moment. Right now. We can
talk until we’re blue in the face, but the power will
come when we pray. Become a First Responder!)

4. Can I Really Take God to Work?
(How does prayer and work unite? Can you really
take God to work with you? When we comprehend
God’s presence goes with us everywhere, it makes
sense that we can talk to God throughout our day!
We can also listen to Him. Let God be your greatest
work advocate!)

These particular videos created in partnership with the YMCA will be used as an ongoing resource on Faith Collective, they will be available for individual and Small Group study, and because they are co-branded by the
YMCA and Trinity Baptist Church/Faith Collective, they will be used by Y’s across the United States to help cultivate a culture of prayer. Faith Collective is expanding our reach.

In addition, I am excited about in-house prayer resources that we are going to add to Faith Collective. Sandra Martin and Allison Carnahan, Co-Chairs of our Prayer Ministry will help tell the story of Trinity’s Prayer Room, started and first led by Pat Coventry. This recorded message will be a way to share a “best practice” model to encourage other congregations in their ministries.

Allison and Sandra are also in the beginning stage of formulating a Prayer Guide that will help children learn how to pray. In addition to hard copies, this resource will be shared online at Faith Collective and it will support families near and far.

If you are not enrolled in one of our two current online small groups at Faith Collective you might be interested to know that in the group, The Road Back to You, we have 17 participants who are doing the work to better understand him or herself and strengthen their relationships with others.

The second group that began in June is His Needs Her Needs. Group members are currently building momentum as they get more familiar with the online discussion process as they are listening to and discussing excellent marriage videos by Willard and Joyce Harley. This group of 10 is diverse in age, geography, and marriage experience.

Although the partnerships and resources on Faith Collective will continue to grow, we are now fully operational. Trinity can be proud of how we continue to open our arms in ministry.