Trinity’s 4th Campus:

The roads the Romans built over two-thousand years ago enabled the news of Christ’s teachings to spread across the known world. Today the internet lets us spread the gospel in much the same way.

Faith Collective is an interactive video-enhanced online resource for individuals to connect and grow in their relationship with Christ and with others.

In addition to resources for individuals, throughout the year we offer online small groups where you can grow in relationship with others in a supportive atmosphere.

If you are seeking support for family, parenting, marriage, or you need help with addiction recovery, financial management, aging, or other life-stage issues, Faith Collective has free online resources available for you and accessible at your convenience.

Faith Collective is an outreach opportunity where resources and groups are offered for individuals within and beyond Trinity’s usual geographical reach.

Faith Collective is a space where we can utilize the gifts and testimonies of our members and friends and the creativity of God’s spirit to address the relevant issues of our day.

Faith Collective is a space where we can continue to build new resources and partnerships to help do God’s kingdom work.

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Why are we spending our resources and time doing this?

Though the Roman roads were not built for the purpose of sharing Christ, they were used by Paul and Christ’s disciples for that purpose.

From those roads that helped spread the gospel, to the development of the printing press that produced the Gutenberg Bible, to the broadcast era, and now the digital age in which we live, there have always been individual Christians and congregations willing to step up and ensure that there is a witness for Christ utilizing the resources of the time in which we live.

This is the foundational reason that Trinity Baptist Church is investing in what might be called our fourth campus,