On May 28, 2015, Barry Long recently passed away. He was a mighty servant leader. During my last visit with him, Barry said “my healing will happen in heaven.” He is now receiving that ultimate healing in his heavenly home.

From that hospital conversation I returned to my office for a scheduled visit with a special boy and his mother. Approaching the appointment, I knew this boy desired to be baptized, but when I walked into my office I was surprised to also see both parents, a brother, and grandparents – a 3 generation experience. It was great fun. Our conversation was honest, straightforward, and holy; and not only one, but two boys committed their life to Christ!

These two situations are woven together by the thread of God’s amazing grace. Barry was a retired Air Force Colonel who loved his wife Barbara, their 3 sons and family. His leadership in Trinity was significant. Through his death and resurrection, he has been born from above a second time. And it all began when, earlier in his life, he prayed a prayer of commitment to Christ much like the one the boys prayed.

God’s power is transforming. Salvation is eternal. It begins on earth and culminates in heaven. What Paul wrote remains true. “Therefore anyone in Christ Jesus is a new creation, the old has passed away. Behold all things have become new.” I am humbled and grateful to be a part of God’s ongoing creation.