Traditions: Do they Really Matter? by Debbie Potter

Traditions: Do they Really Matter?

Thanksgiving night, we had a “family meeting.” The intent of the meeting was to talk about Christmas traditions. As many of you know I have two adult children, 26 and 23. Included in the discussion was my sister and her adult children. Our goal was to discuss what we wanted to do as a family for Christmas in the future.

The questions my sister and I were asking our adult children were: Do we need to continue these traditions that we have had for years? Do they have any meaning for you? What new traditions would you like to start?

I need to back up, growing up my mom always made Christmas a wonderful time for family. She transforms her house to a Christmas wonderland, she makes a fabulous Christmas dinner and picks gifts out for everyone with incredible care. It has always been the most special time of the year for us. But, my mom is getting to a point where she cannot physically do all of these things anymore. As we begin to pass the torch, we wanted to find out what really matters to the next generation.

It was so intriguing to hear what mattered to our grown kids. The most important thing to them was that we have traditions that “keep us together” as a family. The traditions that mattered the most were everyone prioritizing their time so that we could spend it together. It really made me realize that what my mom wanted us all to “get,” we actually got. All of the traditions were established to create unity in the family. And listening to our grown kids, I saw they got it too.

So as you parent your little ones during this holiday season, remember to make sure in all of the busyness you make time for kids to understand that Christmas is a time to value the things that are the most important. Family traditions are a big part of that. Consider making Winter Wonderland or the Christmas Eve service part of your family time together. These family events value time spent together while pointing toward the main point of Christmas: the birth of Christ.

I pray you have a wonderful Christmas season.