God gives the gift of time. With Leap Year, God is providing 366 days in 2016. What are you doing with your gift of time? No time is guaranteed. All time comes to us as a gift of grace. By investing time as a heavenly resource for earthly living we make the most of our lives.

Each minute contains 60 seconds. Each hour – 60 minutes. Each day – 1,440 minutes. Each week – 168 hours. And for the year we are given 8,784 hours. For those who like metrics, these are the time facts in which we live to determine who we will be and what we will do in 2016.

Insights by two great Christian leaders help us. Irenaeus (130-202), said, “Who we are (at birth) is God’s gift to us. Who we become is our gift to God.” Andrew Murray (1828-1917) wrote, “God is ready to assume full responsibility for a life totally yielded to Him.” As we sing great hymns like, “Take Time To Be Holy”, we realize how we invest our time shapes the person we become. Accordingly, Jesus taught the Disciples to seize the purpose of daytime and nighttime (John 11:9-10).

So in 2016, how will you invest your time to: love, pray, build character, use your talents, be compassionate, learn Scripture & share the “good news”, shape community -all as a part of your Christian lifestyle? These 8 areas are the basic building blocks of the Christian Faith. Build in 2016 that which will last forever.