The Virtual Doorway

Have you ever researched a restaurant, hotel, car dealership or Realtor before purchasing from or working with them? What about doing a quick search on your favorite social media channel and surveying friends online about an upcoming trip? I would imagine all of us have done this at some point and if we have not will consider doing it in the future. It is always good to do a little research before going somewhere or committing to something or someone.

Did you know people do the same thing when looking for a church or looking for spiritual information? Before coming through the physical doors of our church, the majority of people will check us out online through our website and our social media channels. Most will research what we believe, our Sunday morning schedule and our Children’s Ministry. The number one area that people view on our site is our Pastoral Staff page! Who would have thought? The reason why, they want to get to know who we are before committing to a Sunday morning with us.

We have recently re-launched our website ( with the intention of engaging people in our community who are looking for a church home. The primary purpose is to help those who are new to the church and to San Antonio. The secondary purpose for our current members to see upcoming events and ministry opportunities that they can join and tell others about.

Besides our website, we receive a signicant amount of traffiick on our Facebook page. In one week in April we reached over 23,000 people in the San Antonio area. We define reach as anyone who saw or reacted to one of our posts. This is different from people who like (or follow) us on Facebook. We have nearly 2,000 people following us on Facebook. This number may seem small compared to the 23,000 people reached, but without the 2,000 “followers” we would not have been able to reach the 23,000. It is the power of sharing and multiplying. When one of our followers “likes” or “shares” something we have posted, their friends and followers will see the post as well. Through Facebook we can invite people to our church as well as share the Gospel through posts provided by the church. If you have not visited or “liked” our Facebook page you can find it here:

Besides Facebook and our website, we also communicate with our church and community on Instagram (@tbcsa_17) and Twitter (@tbc_sa). I encourage you check out all of these properties to engage with our community and invite them to join us through the use of social media.