For all that has been, Thanks. To all that shall be, Yes.

The above quote, used as this week’s sermon title, was spoken by Dag Hammarskjold. He was a passionate believer who served as the second General Secretary of the United Nations. They were turbulent times then, as these are turbulent days for us. He died when trying to broker peace in a warring region of Africa.

Hammarskjold came to this understanding while being shaped by Scripture, the pressures of his responsibilities, and prayerfully reading great Christian mystical writers. Along the way he learned to let go and let God – while serving in the destiny of God’s purposes. His one book, Markings, highlighted his journey towards this breakthrough.

You are on a journey. May more & more of God reign in more & more of your life, and in my life. This happens through an ongoing Q&A with God. We see this in today’s Scripture passages. Earthly leader Moses hears from God about what has been and what can be. Then, in a later period after Christ’s resurrection, the Apostles worship while wondering if they will be able to do all that the resurrected Christ will ask of them. In response Jesus said, Remember I am with you always, even to the end of the age.

In the hands of God, your past can be shaped by gratitude and your future by faithfulness. Here is how:

Pastor Les Hollon - August 21, 2016

For all that has been, Thanks. To all that shall be, Yes.

For all that has been, Thanks. To all that shall be, Yes. Exodus 20:18-22; Matthew 28:16-20

From Series: "Q & A With God: God's Answers to Our ?"

Your questions deserve answers. God works hard for you to know His answers. He is paying attention to you and our world. God listens to your questions because He loves you. As your pastor, I listen for the pressing questions of your life. The 2016 Summer's Sermon Series will connect our questions to God's answers. Along the way, we will discover afresh that the 10 COMMANDMENTS are life giving in their relevance. The answers for our 21st century questions are rooted in God and revealed in God's word. A good look at the 10 Commandments shows the spiritual and moral path by which we can see our way forward. Each of the Sunday morning messages will connect one or more of the questions we are asking to one of the Commandments. We will look at other passages as case studies that will help us apply His Word to our world. Who should I vote for? Why did she die? Why did he leave me? Should I take the job? Should I borrow the money? If I can get away with it, why not? Sexual orientation? What if I don't love him anymore? Why am I attracted to her? Divorce? How can I best know God? Abortion? War? The Border? Aren't we all going to the same place? Why do we suffer? What does God want me to do? Why don't my parents understand me? How do I focus in a multitasking world? But my head and heart want different things? These questions and more shape our conversation with God, each other, and within ourselves. I look forward to exploring these questions with you.

Exodus 20:18-22     Matthew 28:16-20

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