We are fortunate to have dinner at home several nights a week, and during that time we give our two kids the opportunity to pray. Periodically the prayers have some surprises and confessions but each time I have noticed a lengthy listing of “thanks”. I am not sure if it is because they do not know what else to say, if they are trying to fill space or if they are truly thankful. I hope and pray that it is the latter and, if so, the encouraging part of the prayers is that they are simple, giving thanks for things such as a home, food, friends, and family. It reminds me that as adults we make life overly complicated in many ways, and we also forget to thank God for the “basics” – the things we take for granted that are not ours to claim.

As I listen to these prayers, I am reminded how good God is and how He has provided for me above and beyond anything I deserve. I am thankful for easy access to clean water, electricity and a place to keep my family safe. I am also reminded of our Syrian brothers and sisters who are running for their lives and are desperately seeking the very things that I take for granted. Or the people who live in our city who cannot turn on a faucet and get clean water or flick a switch for lights. It is difficult to express the level of gratitude I have to our Great Provider, who gives so much and it is humbling to know all that He gives to me.

I bring this up because all of this makes me take a step back and thank God for all that He has given us here at Trinity. We successfully made it through another fiscal year in good shape and are looking to continue to grow and reach our community. We have been given the facilities, the lights, the water, and the people to serve our community in a way that can only be accomplished through God. Let us be thankful this year as we reflect upon all of the opportunities and resources God has given Trinity Baptist Church and to see Him in everything, from the ability to have electricity when we flick the switch, to clean running water. I understand this sounds basic, but I believe we really need to get to that level to understand that all that we do is given to us by God. If we can see how He works in the smallest of details, we can realize that it is not about us and all about Him. Be thankful in the knowledge that it is not all about us and that without Him we can do nothing.