Empowerment of the Holy Spirit

Empowerment of the Holy Spirit Years ago, I returned to my home place in Boerne for a catch-up visit with Dad & Mother. As our sharing progressed through the night, mother contentedly fell asleep in her den chair. While Dad and I continued, I explained to him what I was learning about understanding God’s leadership […]

Every Child Needs a Champion

We have many wonderful volunteers that give to children in a variety of ways; Sunday school teachers, Upward Coaches, Vacation Bible school leaders just to name a few. Why is it important to have consistent people in children’s lives? Reggie Joiner says, “Kids at every phase will have a champion who makes them a priority”. […]

Satisfied in Sun-Scorched Lands

Scripture: Isaiah 58:6-14 How do we live a full life in the emptiest of places? The Babylonians had literally DECONSTRUCTED the faith of the people of Judah. They had torn down the temple. Brick by brick by brick. They had torn apart the very heart of the Hebrew’s faith. Has your faith ever felt like […]

Sermon Your Calling: Releasing Your Talents By Developing Your Abilities & Skills

We hunger for love. God made us for love. Our happiness is determined by how well we love. Paul wrote of love 22 times in Ephesians, 4 times in chapter 4. Using our spiritual gifts, Ephesians 4/1-7 & 11-16, grows our capacity to love. We can then serve and “speak the truth in love.” What […]

Make Time Count Spiritually

Children are such a joy and blessing…..most of the time. Parenting can be a difficult and frustrating task on some days. Life has many demands that pull on our time and energy. It is often hard to get the basics done; homework, extra curricular activities, birthday parties, church, etc. There is not much time left […]

Don’t Settle For Less

I have never been on a game show. I once worked for a youth minister who was on the “Price Is Right” during his honeymoon, and I officiated a wedding for a groom who appeared on “Jeopardy.” About the closest I have ever come was playing Alex Trebek in an elementary school play about Texas […]

Celebrating Christian Unity

Watch the video from a recent service in our sanctuary for Celebrating Christian Unity with Gustavo Garcia-Siller the Archbishop of the Archdiocese of San Antonio. [vimeo id=”117606917″ responsive=”true” center=”true”]   On January 14th, Archbishop Gustavo Garcia-Siller came to speak at our Wednesday evening service. Our ultimate call is to grow God’s Kingdom in the world. Within this call […]