How Many Ministers?

How many ministers do we have in our church? Have you counted the list on the back of the Sunday bulletin? Have you been down to the administrative area to count offices? Maybe you have looked for a list on the church website. Actually, none of these efforts will identify the number of ministers we […]

Volunteerism at Trinity Flows Out of Faith in Christ

It is common to hear someone from a non-profit organization talk about having “volunteers” and it recently stuck me that we do not talk enough about the differences between being a volunteer, and the ministry that each of us are called to when we choose to follow Christ. Of course, in both cases an individual […]

Sermon Your Calling: Releasing Your Talents By Developing Your Abilities & Skills

We hunger for love. God made us for love. Our happiness is determined by how well we love. Paul wrote of love 22 times in Ephesians, 4 times in chapter 4. Using our spiritual gifts, Ephesians 4/1-7 & 11-16, grows our capacity to love. We can then serve and “speak the truth in love.” What […]