Relationships that Matter

I just returned from a Children’s Literature Symposium at Oxford University in England. Each presenter at the conference was tasked to address a current trend, problem, or issue facing us as a global community of educators dealing with children. As I listened to speakers, I found a common thread that linked everyone’s issues together. No […]

Staying in Tune with Your Mate by Wayne Grant

Marriage Ministry  Trinity Baptist Church For this reason, a man will leave his father and mother and be united to his wife, and they will become one flesh. Genesis 2:24   Staying in Tune with Your Mate The distractions of daily living can cause a couple to drift a part, with each partner slipping into […]

Giving With Purpose

Our Sunday Bible study recently wrapped up a four week series on tithing. A topic that is not necessarily the most popular topic discussed in Christian circles, but yet a very important topic that must be discussed and better understood. It is important in that tithing funds the ministries and operations of a church, but […]

Go Upward Go

Go Upward Go…..were the words cheered every Saturday in the gym by the Upward cheerleaders as the basketball players were hustling during the games. Each Saturday sixty kids filled the gym ready to play basketball and learn about Jesus. This year we focused on learning the Lord’s Prayer. So each week at practice the coaches […]

Mad Men

“Mad Men”, one of television’s most popular series, has come to an end. For 7 seasons, the writers and actors have conveyed the era of the Greatest Generation as adults and Baby Boomers as children. It did so through the journey of people working for an advertising agency  who are desperately trying to make sense […]