Priesthood of the Believer for Children

One of the reasons I joined the Baptist Church as a young adult is the view that Baptists assert that each individual is created in the image of God, and therefore each individual is competent under God to make moral, spiritual, and religious decisions (Shurden, 1993). The question I have been pondering lately is, “How […]

Becoming Who You Are

There’s this ancient story about the renowned Jewish teacher, Rabbi Akiva. He was journeying back to his home when worsening weather conditions made it difficult to find the way. He knew one path would take him to a Roman garrison and the other path would take him to his residence. Uncertain of the way in […]

Mind the Mindset: How do I hear scripture for all it’s worth?

Move-In Day at any university or college is brimming with energy and excitement. Bright eyed, overconfident, and often insecure first year students set out into independence and higher learning. For three years of my seminary career I was a live-in residential chaplain (a sort of dorm pastor) at the university. In our digital age, many […]