Trinity’s Music History by Jacob Sensenig

Trinity’s Music History Billy Ray Hearn, Leroy Yarbrough, Tommy Lyons, Randy Edwards, and Donn Wisdom are only five of the individuals who served as Minister of Music (or some combination of that title) at Trinity Baptist Church over the last 70 years. Together these five men account for almost 55 years of service at TBC, […]

Twenty Years in Ministry

Twenty Years in Ministry “Are leaders born or are they made?” This one of the first questions I ask my students in the leadership classes I teach at Baptist University of Americas. After much discussion we try to come up with an answer. The answer usually lies some where in the middle. Many people are […]

Growing Ministry

Growing Ministry The Student Ministry here at Trinity Baptist Church has had the most amazing and glory-filled summer! God has moved and is continuing to move now. We started the summer with a leadership camp, Super Summer, in which twenty of our student leaders learned and grew in the word, taking part of 29 hours […]

Twenty Years in Ministry

This month I will celebrate twenty years in ministry. Over the years I have tried to really study, research and observe what I believe church should be for children. Some of the questions I have asked myself are: what is the value of church for children? What should children be learning? How does it help […]

Trinity’s Online Ministry Helps Grow Disciples

Our new online ministry, called “Faith Collective,” is growing and contributing to our mission. For instance, this week we will tape four new videos by Nancy Abbott, the chaplain for the YMCA of Greater San Antonio on the topic of Prayer: 1. God, I Want to Pray, But Need Help! (I really do want to […]

Contributions Are the Financial Fuel of Ministry

Prayer + people working together = the church honoring God by ministries which transform lives through the gospel. AND Contributions are the nancial fuel of ministry. God trusts us with our $ to honor Him by how we use our money. Tithing, or working towards a tithe, is God’s planned way for us to succeed. […]

Play Ball!!

One of baseball’s greats, Yogi Berra, passed away last month, making it a sad time for anyone who follows baseball. I grew up hearing about Mr. Berra along with other baseball greats like Mickey Mantle, Joe DiMaggio, Roger Maris and Whitey Ford. My mom to this day is a huge Yankee’s fan and grew up […]

August Reflections

Life is about love and love is about relationships. Trinity is a family of love. God’s love story is our story. And we are growing in our capacity to love God with all of our heart, mind, body, and spirit. Each of our ministries is an action plan to love everyone as our neighbor. And […]