Sermon Heavenly Wisdom For Earthly Living Requires Work

A major religious bookstore does not carry “90 Minutes In Heaven” nor “Heaven Is For Real” nor “Miracles Are From Heaven”. It isn’t restricted by government regulations nor anti-religious groups. But the decision makers within that religious organization decided that these 3 experiences of Christian Faith did not meet their standard of what could be […]

Everything That Rises…

Scripture: Luke 24:1-12; 33b-34 I believe in the resurrection not just because it happened 2000 years ago, but because resurrection power is unleashed in the world all around us. A few days ago I was talking with a college student who felt detached. Detached from any sense of direction. Detached from his true identity. Detached […]

Creating a Living Memory

Listen to Pastor Les Hollon give a brief, yet insightful view of creating a living memory. [vimeo id=”73870001″ responsive=”true” center=”true”]

Living In The Balance

Do you think America was safer the day before September 11, 2001 or the day after September 11? I have occasionally asked this question to make the point that even though we did not FEEL safer, in reality our awareness of the danger made us safer as we began to take precautions. As Christians one […]

Living Your Best Life

This article was recently published in the January 2015 San Antonio Local Community News. Time is a gift from God. Each day we receive 1,440 little gifts called minutes. These small gifts carry big meaning when they are invested to fulfill the 4 basic life questions each of us must answer. Now, as we begin […]