Sermon Higher Love: Learning From Our Mistakes

Scripture: John 21:15-19 Jesus loves us. Through His love we can take our entire love life to the next level. This ultimate love is called Agape. So our affectionate love (Storge), our creative & sexual love (Eros), and our noble brotherly & sisterly love (philo) for things and people in this world can reach greater fulfillment […]

How Faith Teaches Us To Learn: School Stories

Luke 4:14-23; II Timothy 2:15 Jesus went to school. He was homeschooled by Mary and Joseph. He was schooled in Nazareth’s synagogue. He learned from teachers even as He taught God’s wisdom to His teachers (Luke 2:40-52). And He never stopped learning. How about you? What are you learning? God provides many ways for us to learn. Encounters of […]