Common Good Spirituality by Christopher Mack

Scripture: 1 Corinthians 12:1-12 Common Good Spirituality I entered into the Christian faith at age thirteen. My parents joked that becoming a devout Christian was my form of “teenage rebellion.” They attended church sparingly. I jumped into my new faith with all the zeal and enthusiasm you might expect from an adolescent. My closet filled […]

Rest from Endlessly Proving Yourself

Rest from Endlessly Proving Yourself Six days for work. One for rest. It is an ancient formula the Hebrew people have been leaning into for thousands of years. It affirms the dignity and purpose of work, as well as the rightness and importance of a life and identity beyond our working. Theologically, it holds up […]

Better Together

“Reading the Bible, if we do not do it rightly, can get us into a lot of trouble. The Christian community is as concerned with how we read the Bible as that we read it. It is not sufficient to place a Bible in a person’s hands with the command, ‘Read it.’ That is quite […]

Avoiding Conflict Can Create More Conflict

My dear friend and mentor Suzanne Stabile reminds me, “Avoiding conflict often creates more conflict.” Some of us are wired to avoid conflict like the plague. Others of us run to it like a flatscreen tv on Black Friday. Still others of us are somewhere between these two poles, living in the tension of wanting […]