Approaching Advent by Jacob Sensenig

Approaching Advent November should be a “calm before the storm” season, but for the Music and Worship Arts Ministry it often seems like the “storm before the even bigger storm.” The choirs and orchestra are feverishly preparing music for the Advent and Christmas season and from my vantage point as the person who is planning […]

God At Work In Our World

Scripture: Romans 8:26-39 God At Work In Our World There are just some days where words escape us.  Maybe you find yourself stunned into silence by the unfolding of world events you could never have predicted and for which are ill prepared. Perhaps you find yourself rocked to the core by the implosion of relationship, […]

Heaven’s Hope Here on Earth

Scripture: Revelation 7:9-17 Recently I saw how one major city decided to invest in park benches that could double as makeshift shelters for those in their city who found themselves without a home during harsh weather conditions. The ordinary place of rest for the passerby could transform into an extraordinary place of shelter for the […]

Easter Drama

The phone call came at midnight on Easter eve. A desperate voice said, “I am going to kill myself.” I quickly and quietly prayed for wisdom. Recognizing his voice, I asked him to make a commitment that he would at least not hurt himself until we had talked in person. He agreed. Forty-five minutes later […]

What Is Your Hope? Hope That Is Real

Scripture Psalm 129-130 Are you hopeful? Do you smile or frown when you think about the future? Do the problems facing you have answers? Do you see life as a pathway provided by God? Are God’s promises showing you how to succeed in your challenges? How you answer these questions depends on who & what […]

Charleston Tears

Jesus promised that “For where two or three are gathered in My name, I will be among them.” Jesus was with the Bible Study group at Emmanuel AME Church in Charleston, South Carolina. They were gathered in their historic and sacred church doing what Christians do – praying, studying Scripture, sharing, and welcoming strangers. That […]

Loyal To Family in Hope

The book of Ruth tells an incredible story. Ruth is a daring model of a woman who acts decisively in hope of creating a future for herself. She leads a life of faithfulness in the context of a society that normally had little place for a widowed, childless woman.  Ruth showed a fierce solidarity and […]