A Father’s Touch to Heal

When we are together -in our summer dresses, shorts, and short sleeve shirts – I sometimes ask friends to tell the story of a scar they bear. We all have at least one scar and a story of what happened that caused the scar. And through these stories we better know each other. Our scar […]

Lessons Stirred by International Travel

While traveling with our group through Israel and Jordan, I was reminded of how quickly new acquaintances can become friends. As a group of 26 people, some who had never met each other prior to the trip, we cared for each other in numerous ways as we shared snacks, jackets and even medications as needed. […]

Sermon The Power of Love to Build, Heal & Guard Our Hearts

Is your heart broken? Is your broken heart healing? Though our hearts are vulnerable, they are built to last when they are built with God’s strength. Matters of the heart are forceful. So all meaningful conversations about love have to make sense to our hearts. As Pascal, master mathematician, became a believer he said, “The […]

Charleston Tears

Jesus promised that “For where two or three are gathered in My name, I will be among them.” Jesus was with the Bible Study group at Emmanuel AME Church in Charleston, South Carolina. They were gathered in their historic and sacred church doing what Christians do – praying, studying Scripture, sharing, and welcoming strangers. That […]