The Gift That Keeps on Giving by Debbie Potter

The Gift That Keeps on Giving by Debbie Potter Every Sunday when the doors open at Trinity Baptist Church, children excitedly enter the doors of the Ark in the children’s building. One of the first images that the children see is the giant, life-sized elephant, which was the first animal to enter the ark at […]

Monitor and Adjust

For many of us it is hard to believe that we are entering Spring season and soon will be in Summer. I imagine many Summer plans are already being made in anticipation of time-off and getting away. Much like families, the church looks forward to and plans for the near future as any responsible organization […]

Giving With Purpose

Our Sunday Bible study recently wrapped up a four week series on tithing. A topic that is not necessarily the most popular topic discussed in Christian circles, but yet a very important topic that must be discussed and better understood. It is important in that tithing funds the ministries and operations of a church, but […]

Sermon: Romantic Love

Romantic Love: Getting the Love You Need by Giving the Love You Want February 14, 2016 Scripture: John 4:4-19 JOHN 4: THIRST & HUNGER FOR LOVE (The conversation between Jesus and the woman at the well shows how to recover when we’ve searched for love in “all the wrong places”. Romantic love, to be sustainable, must […]

Have You Checked Your Cell Phone Bill Lately?

In Sunday School recently, one TBC high school senior expressed her frustration in filling out college application essay questions asking her to indicate what has had the most influence in her life. Having been told all her life that she should never bring up religion or politics in conversation, and knowing God’s undeniable influence in […]

Giving Faithfully

All through the Bible, God praises faithfulness to Him. God has made it clear that one of the important things to Him is being faithful with our “first fruits” – the first portion of whatever we have earned. At Trinity Baptist we are all about challenging you to grow your heart, to become more like […]