Empowerment of the Holy Spirit

Empowerment of the Holy Spirit Years ago, I returned to my home place in Boerne for a catch-up visit with Dad & Mother. As our sharing progressed through the night, mother contentedly fell asleep in her den chair. While Dad and I continued, I explained to him what I was learning about understanding God’s leadership […]

The Gift That Keeps on Giving by Debbie Potter

The Gift That Keeps on Giving by Debbie Potter Every Sunday when the doors open at Trinity Baptist Church, children excitedly enter the doors of the Ark in the children’s building. One of the first images that the children see is the giant, life-sized elephant, which was the first animal to enter the ark at […]

Playing The Hand You’re Dealt

I am not a card player. This may be a result of being an only child. Instead of playing card games, I just read books or dove into my imagination. Truth be told I can’t even really shuffle a deck of cards adequately. Yet I still know of the wisdom of ‘playing the hand you’re […]

Sermon Your Calling: Releasing Your Talents By Developing Your Abilities & Skills

We hunger for love. God made us for love. Our happiness is determined by how well we love. Paul wrote of love 22 times in Ephesians, 4 times in chapter 4. Using our spiritual gifts, Ephesians 4/1-7 & 11-16, grows our capacity to love. We can then serve and “speak the truth in love.” What […]

Season of Generosity!

This month Robert Stein, Trinity Baptist Church’s Finance Manager, has written an excellent column on generosity. Please feel free to contact Robert or myself throughout the year to answer any questions. The holidays are a time that we receive and give generously! We are shown generosity through our family, friends, church, and most importantly by […]