Are My Kids Safe at Church? by Debbie Potter

Are My Kids Safe at Church? by Debbie Potter This is a question many parents are asking as they have read the stories in the paper recently. It saddens me tremendously to hear stories of children who were harmed at church. This is the reason we have safety policies at TBC. Sometimes it seems that […]

How to Help Your Kids Deal with Failure by Debbie Potter

How to Help Your Kids Deal with Failure Pain is unfortunately part of life. As parents, we want to give our children the best life possible. We want to shield them from any disappointment or setback. We want them to have a happy, flawless childhood. These are wonderful goals, but part of their childhood needs […]

Twenty Years in Ministry

This month I will celebrate twenty years in ministry. Over the years I have tried to really study, research and observe what I believe church should be for children. Some of the questions I have asked myself are: what is the value of church for children? What should children be learning? How does it help […]

Rest and Sabbath-Keeping

Even with all the challenges (and heat) that August brings, it happens to be one of my favorite times of the year. I think it’s because I appreciate the rhythm that it brings to my life. If you don’t already know, I’ve been the perpetual student: pre-school, elementary school, middle school, high school, undergrad (5 years), TWO master’s degrees and now a […]

What Does “Fellowship” Have to Do with the Work of the Church?

One Sabbath day, Jesus went to the synagogue in his hometown and when given the scroll containing the words of Isaiah, Jesus turned to the 61st chapter and read: The Spirit of the Lord is upon me, for he has appointed me to preach Good News to the poor. He has sent me to proclaim […]

Monitor and Adjust

For many of us it is hard to believe that we are entering Spring season and soon will be in Summer. I imagine many Summer plans are already being made in anticipation of time-off and getting away. Much like families, the church looks forward to and plans for the near future as any responsible organization […]

Ephesians (Everyone Commentary Series) by NT Wright

We lived for four years by the banks of the Ottawa river, north-west of Montreal. It is a great river, already over 400 miles long by the time it passed our village. By the time it reached us it was over a mile wide. Not far downstream, however, this great river flows into the St […]

Inviting Others to Church by Inviting Them into Your Life

Many people experience fears and insecurities when it comes to inviting new people to church. Thoughts run through our minds such as, “Will they think I’m weird for inviting them?” or “ They probably won’t come anyway.” According to Dr. om Rainer in his book, e Unchurched Next Door, 82% of unchurched people are at […]

Play Ball!!

One of baseball’s greats, Yogi Berra, passed away last month, making it a sad time for anyone who follows baseball. I grew up hearing about Mr. Berra along with other baseball greats like Mickey Mantle, Joe DiMaggio, Roger Maris and Whitey Ford. My mom to this day is a huge Yankee’s fan and grew up […]

Are You a Full Participant?

“Are you being a full participant?” or “We are full participants!” Is something I like to say to my kids to remind them that it is good to be fully engaged with what they are doing, be it helping out around the house, playing baseball or doing their best in school. Our current societal pace […]