When God Questions Our Conclusions

  Scripture: Ezekiel 37:1, 3-14 Have you ever been listening to someone about what matters most to them? You hear passions, regrets, hopes, insights, dreams, and longings. Many people experience anxiety about the  personal or collective changes in the world. Some miss when politicians seemed more civil. Others long for a time when kids could […]

One Direction and Baby Dolphins

Children are amazing creatures with abilities that many adults envy such as non-stop energy, good skin and minds that absorb and can recall about anything they have ever experienced or encountered. I have the opportunity to drop my kids off at school every day and the conversations are usually quite interesting and include many of […]

Solidarity in Suffering

I don’t like going through hard times. I am not someone who would jump at the chance to endure many trials, tests, pains, griefs, and hardships. Yet there is something incredibly authentic about those times. When physically debilitated, emotionally agonized, or spiritually challenged, I find myself focused on what matters. I cut out the extraneous […]