Syncing With Your Family

Syncing With Your Family

Dr. Leslie Hollon, Senior Pastor

“Syncing” is a common technological term for updating connections between compatible devices, like iPhone to iPad. It is the act of getting two elements in harmony. With similar purpose, syncing in our family relationships is essential for compatibility. When we have an overdue conversation with a family member, it can help to get back in sync with each other, to understand what’s going on in each other’s lives and how we can be mutually supportive. Nowhere is relationship syncing more important than in our family life. As we get our love expressions in sync, we can feel “the blessed connection” of family.

In our fast moving world it’s easy to feel disconnected from those who are most important; and to what is most important. The following is a suggested 3 step process for syncing your family relationships:

Pray: Download God’s updates into your family life. Position yourself to be a blessing for each other by being positioned with God. There are more than 100 ways to pray. Have connecting moments with God daily.

Observe: Pay attention to the hopes and fears of your family. Know the needs of your family so you can love them in the ways that are most meaningful to them. Don’t miss “the connection” because you haven’t paid attention to their connecting links.

Center: Center yourself in our uncentered world. By praying and observing we remove ourselves from the false notion that the world centers around us. By being centered in God, and in loving sync with family, we are free from the tyranny of being controlled by the egos of this world and we become a healthy channel to receive God’s blessings and to bless others.

Going Deeper: In Psalms 133 – 134 the psalmist highlights how we can stay synced with God, and benefit our family our current times. In these 7 verses, “Bless” is the key word. Being in sync with God enables us to bless and be blessed. The best outcome is described in Psalm 133:1, “Behold, how good and pleasant it is when family & friends dwell in unity.” Aaron, brother of Moses & Miriam and priest of the people, demonstrated God’s healing signs for all to see and share. (133:2) God’s creation renews us like the morning dew on a summer day. We experience God’s blessings when we sync our lives with His and obediently trust Him. (133:3) When we worship God and spend extended periods of time in His presence, we are syncing with God. It is as if His power downloads in our lives and empowers us to share His blessing. (134:1) God’s power positions us to praise Him and frees us from the need to be the center of the world’s attention. In this process we become a channel to give and receive God’s blessings.

God’s great desire is to bless you, now and forever. (134:2) May you receive His heavenly blessing and be an earthly blessing. May you and your family celebrate a long obedience in God’s direction.