Fiesta in S. A.! Spurs in the playoffs! Wild flowers in bloom!
Trinity is growing! This spring is a celebration – contentment without complacency.

CMack is preaching in both services this Sunday. I’ll be speaking at Laity Lodge during the weekend. My prayers are with you as I need your prayers with me. On my way to Laity Lodge I headed north for a 2 day visit with my brother and sister in law on their ranch outside of Spur. While there I meditated on springtime faith and slowed down long enough to write the following. Maybe it connects to where you are.

As the sun rose across the horizon of Triple Cross Ranch I heard the hoot of an owl, the pecking of a woodpecker, the bob whiting of a quail, the gobbling of a turkey, the flow of a waterfall. And I felt the crisp morning air invigorating my body. The rising sun revealed the green growth of a fertile land refreshed by spring rains. God’s Mother Nature greeted me to a new day. As the psalmist sang, “This is the day the Lord has made. I will rejoice and be glad in it.” And as C.S. Lewis wrote, “I believe in the sun not only because I can see the sun but because of the sun I can see everything else.” So it is in God’s handiwork across James’ & Donna’s ranch.

Slow Down To Catch Up With Yourself. Be still to hear the voice of God. The same voice that has been there for you to hear but maybe, like for me, it gets lost in all the other noises and voices of your life.