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Student FAQs

As a parent, you may have a lot of questions. We try to answer many of the most asked questions below. If your questions are not answered below, feel free to contact us! Give us a call at (210) 733-6201 or email Ethan at

How do I get my son/daughter involved in the Student Ministry?
This is probably the most frequently asked question by parents, but there is no one right answer for every student. One of the easiest ways to get your student involved is to introduce him or her to someone on the Student Ministry staff on a Sunday morning or Wednesday night. Once a staff member meets them, they will find a student who can show your son/daughter around to meet other students and leaders. Another way to get your student involved is to come to a major event, camp, or retreat. Depending on your student, it may be a lot less threatening to come to an event instead of Sunday School or Wednesday Night activities. Our staff wants to help your student get involved in the ministry. We would love to meet with them and get them connected!
What are the events available in the Student Ministry?
The best way to find out about upcoming events is to follow us on Facebook to learn more about upcoming Trips, Camps, Wednesday Nights, and other activities. You can also call the Student Ministry office at (210) 733-6201 with any event questions or for information.
How do I, as a parent, get involved in the Student Ministry?
There are numerous ways a parent or guardian can get involved. The easiest way to be involved is to pray for us on a regular basis. As far as physically getting involved, you can be a Sunday School teacher and/or life group leader. We also need volunteers accompany us on trips here in Texas, as well as Mission Trips abroad. On Sundays, you can come down to be a greeter, help at the concession stand, help collect attendance, and just get to know our students. Please note: before serving, every adult volunteer will need to fill out an Enlistment & Screening Application. Feel free to contact any of the Student Ministry staff members for more details on how to get involved. We would love to have you be part of our team!
If my son/daughter needs professional counseling, where should I go?
Anyone on The Student Ministry staff would love to talk with your son/daughter. We are not trained, licensed counselors, but we can speak with students about the spiritual nature of their faith. For other major issues, we recommend licensed and professional counselors. We have a counseling office here at Trinity Baptist Church. To make an appointment, please call the church office at (210) 738-7780.

Did you have any questions that we didn’t focus on?

No problem? Feel free to contact us! Call us at (210) 733-6201 or email Ethan at