Student Life Camp 2017

On July 15th, 41 students of Trinity departed for Student Life camp, a Christian summer camp in the mountains of Glorieta, New Mexico. This camp is designed to teach students the gospel of Christ as well as bring them closer to the Lord and it is safe to say that this goal was met beyond expectation. 

The student’s days consisted of recreation time, free time, devotionals, family meals, and large group worship. Recreation was a great time for our students to let loose and have fun while also learning to cooperate with their peers. When it came to free time, the students were able to pick from a wide array of activities like swimming in the lake and taking nature hikes. Family group time was designed to be a smaller group setting in which students were broken up amongst adult leaders and given a short lesson to complement the large group curriculum and to hear what God was teaching them. During the large group worship settings, we had the privilege of watching four students commit their lives to Christ as well as two students rededicating their life to Christ. We were able to speak with each student individually about their decision to pursue the Lord more deeply and the work that God was doing in their hearts was phenomenal. 

Some of the most impactful moments at camp were the times spent in prayer. The students were so deeply in prayer that not only did they keep praying through their free time, but the adults had to force them to leave the room to go to bed. Having the opportunity to pray over them and receive prayer ourselves was such a beautiful time to recognize how special these students are and to see just how much they love the Lord and each other. Many students shared with us that this is the most unfied the student ministry has ever been. We know that this is something our students have been craving for a long time so to hear them voice that was so reassuring.

As camp has ended and we reflect on time spent at Glorieta, it is safe to say that these student’s lives have been changed for the better and that they have used this camp as an opportunity to refresh and mature their spiritual walk in preparation for the upcoming school year.



Lindsey Lowry